Monitor Your Blood Pressure at Home – Step by Step

Monitor Your Blood Pressure at Home – Step by Step

A person with high blood pressure runs the risk of heart attacks, strokes and other organ damage if the condition is left unmanaged. Managing high blood pressure not only starts with a high blood pressure diet but also several lifestyle changes. While the root cause of high blood pressure is not known, there are several reasons why a person may have this condition. One of these factors is the genetic make up of a person. A family with high blood pressure is almost always sure to have children with the same condition if they are not careful with regards to a high blood pressure diet and their lifestyle. Other than a high blood pressure diet, quitting smoking and minimizing alcohol intake are also other recommendations that a doctor might have for those with the condition. High blood pressure medication is also another recommendation for those with ranges that exceed normal ranges.

High Fiber, Low Fat And Others

A high blood pressure diet is one of the most important things that a person with the condition may do to manage and control it. Doctors often recommend a high blood pressure diet to have more fiber to facilitate better cleaning of the digestive system as well as absorption of fats for better and faster waste elimination. Oats and other fibrous materials are best for those who wish to improve their high blood pressure diet. Other things that one may add to a high blood pressure diet are fruits and vegetables to meet the daily need of the body.

Minimizing the intake of saturated fats, oils and greasy, fatty foods also help to manage and control high blood pressure. A high blood pressure diet is sure not to contain full cream dairy products, instead milk may be skimmed or half and half while cheeses and butter should be taken as little as possible, unless they are low fat with minimal saturated fats. Salty foods should also be avoided as well as foods laden with cholesterol in a high blood pressure diet. Our body produces its own cholesterol which is minimal compared to what we normally eat. This is the reason why it is not necessary to eat much of cholesterol rich foods.

A high blood pressure diet is something that a nutritionist or a doctor may recommend to people who are in dire need of one. Since high blood pressure is not easily noticeable, it is best to have yearly or semi annual check ups with regards to one’s blood pressure if the family has a history of high blood pressure.

Possible Symptoms Of High Blood pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition in which a person’s heart rate is elevated compared to the normal blood pressure range of most people. There are implications that this condition can cause a fatality in many people especially those who are not aware that they have this condition. The symptoms of high blood pressure are usually very vague and non specific that these often get overlooked if the person does not have any idea that he or she may have high blood pressure. You need to buy a best blood pressure monitor to regularly check your blood pressure at home.

Non Specific Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure

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One of the vague possible symptoms of high blood pressure is a headache and throbbing ache at the nape. Although there is little evidence that these are specific symptoms of high blood pressure many people with high blood pressure often report that these are prevalent in them when their heart rate accelerates. Being dizzy is also another of the more subtle symptoms of high blood pressure. Accompanying the dizziness is a feeling of nausea that does not happen often to the person who may have high blood pressure.

Yet another of the subtle or non specific types of symptoms of high blood pressure is blurry vision. This symptom is the one that may cause a person to panic since it is not actually a common thing to have unlike dizzy spells or a headache. Most people see or feel the effect of this symptom which is why it usually prompts them to see a doctor or have a check up. It is notable that these possible symptoms of high blood pressure usually occur in the head region which may imply the possibility of a stroke.

Natural Management Of High Blood Pressure

top blood pressure monitors 2016High blood pressure is not curable but can be managed to a certain extent. Medication is usually recommended by doctors as well as a high blood pressure diet and some lifestyle changes to manage and control the condition. Eating foods laden with cholesterol and saturated fats can ultimately contribute to high blood pressure. The symptoms of high blood pressure may or may not manifest as early as it is relatively safe for a person and the disease can develop overtime without the person ever knowing about it until it is too late. It is best to have a yearly check up for general physical health including a blood pressure check up. This will inform the person of his or her physical health and what to do about it.

Why buy blood pressure monitor

The latest evidence for the benefits of home blood pressure monitoring comes from researchers in Minnesota. Children and adults with smaller or larger than average-sized arms may need special-sized cuffs. Self-monitoring can help your doctor diagnose high blood pressure earlier than if you have only occasional blood pressure readings in a medical office. First, it is a complicated device that can easily be damaged and become less accurate. They studied 450 people with hypertension, more commonly known as high blood pressure.

  • They are available in some pharmacies, from medical supply companies and by direct order from companies that sell blood pressure cuffs.
  • Home monitoring is especially important if you have slightly elevated blood pressure (prehypertension) or another condition that could contribute to high blood pressure, such as diabetes or kidney problems.
  • The device is also difficult to use if it doesn’t have the special feature–a metal ring–that makes it easier to put the cuff on.
  • All had blood pressures higher than deemed healthy—above 140/90, or above 130/80mmHg if they had diabetes or kidney disease.
  • Measure around your upper arm and choose a monitor that comes with the correct size cuff.
  • Perhaps even more important, your body may be reacting to the stress of a doctor’s appointment.
  • In addition, the rubber bulb that inflates the cuff may be difficult to squeeze.

If you do decide to measure your blood pressure at home, you will need to get a home blood pressure monitor. On an average, almost every person has a slightly elevated blood pressure when they visit the doctor’s office. As many as 20 percent of patients have something called “white coat hypertension.” Some of these patients have high blood pressure only when they’re in the doctor’s office. This type of monitor may not be appropriate for hearing-impaired people, because of the need to listen to heart sounds through the stethoscope. There is a wide range of home blood pressure monitors available, but it is important to be sure that the blood pressure monitor you choose is accurate and the right one for you. The anxiety of the result and other nervous emotions triggers the rise of blood pressure. At home, their blood pressure is normal. It’s the standard for blood pressure measurement.
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This case can be eliminated when you’re taking the reading at your home, in peace and with patience. Without home monitoring, many of those people may wind up on blood pressure medicine that they don’t need. It’s durable, easy to read and doesn’t require readjustment. It will help you to separate masked hypertension with actual hypertension, and ultimately will get you closer to your fitness goals. The mercury sphygmomanometer is a simple mechanism that works by gravity to give consistent and accurate readings. It has a long, tubular gauge made of glass or plastic. For safety, glass tubes should be wrapped in Mylar to prevent breakage. It’s not often recommended for home use due to the hazards of mercury. However, those made for home use are lightweight and relatively safe by design, and can be used with a D-ring cuff and attached stethoscope for convenient self-measurement. It will easily last a lifetime with minimal maintenance.

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